Arrgh! Missing Google I/O Due to Being In-Flight at 7 AM PDT This Morning

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Last Friday, my boss asked me to fly out to Dallas this morning for a meeting with a client. No problem, I said.

Note to self: Google I/O registration is the same morning.

Now, having attended Google I/O for the past two years, I figured that I was going to receive some kind pre-registration email that allowed me to get in before the foray of fellow anxious engineers, as they did last year, but none came.

In my attempts to carefully plan things, the best I could do was to get a flight with a connection in Phoenix which got me off the plane at 7:45 PDT. Last year, the tickets sold out within an hour; I'd be cutting it close even though the registration fee is double that of last year's.

I basically pinned my hopes on in-flight Internet, which I've enjoyed on other airlines. I probably should have checked, but just assumed that U.S. Airways would have such an offering.


So, I popped open a book and hoped for the best.

It wasn't to be.

Our flight landed early, I pushed aside old ladies (maybe that was my problem), and opened my laptop as soon as I sat down. I could not have been faster.

Connecting to the wonderful free Internet at the Phoenix Airport, I went to the Google I/O registration page, and to my dismay a simple message was displayed beneath a now-grayed-out registration button:

"General admission is sold out"


Darn being employed, choosing a flight with no in-flight Internet, and being inextricably drawn to the coolest developer conference of the year!


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